Side-By-Side Welding Lead Reel 12"
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  • Stays connected to the welder at all times. “Live Reel Setup”
  • Vented circle design allows for free air flow over your lead to aid in cooling.
  • Heavy-duty manual friction brake prevents free spooling of your leads during roll out and also locks spools down while not in use.
  • Mounts on any flat surface.


  • 1/8” thick steel construction with ¼” thick base plates and reel mounting plates
  • All hardware is ZINC coated Grade 8
  • Ball bearing reels
  • Powder coated (not paint)


  • 12″ diameter spool: 14.25” tall, 29” wide, 11.5” deep

Cable Capacity

  • All capacities are approx., based off how neat the cable is reeled up.
  • 12″ diameter spool: 200’ of 1/0 cable & 175’ of 2/0 cable
  • Comes ready to install in your welding truck, rig, or shop.
  • Item #: FBSS-Blk

Side-By-Side Welding Lead Reel 12"

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