Victor Professional  Journeyman Torch Kit
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The Victor Heavy Duty CGA 510 Journeyman Professional Outfit from Welders Supply is a heavy duty ensemble offering many excellent options for a professional welder. This welding and cutting outfit can use optional tips to cut up to 3/4" or 8”. It also can use optional nozzles to weld up to 1/2" or 3”. The Journeyman Outfit comes complete with a wide assortment of useful items. It includes almost everything you would need for welding, including: size 2 welding nozzle, torch handle with built-in check valves and flashback arrestors, and a series 1 cutting tip. There is also a 20' X 1/4" T-grade hose and a cutting attachment with a ninety-degree head angle. Additional safety and protection is provided by a striker/tip cleaner.

  • Item #: 0384-2101
  • Manufacturer: Victor

Victor Professional Journeyman Torch Kit

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