Welder Gauge Metric *FREE FREIGHT*
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The Q.C. metric Welder’s Gauge from Mathey Dearman rapidly and accurately measures inside “Hi-Lo” and plate mismatch before and after welding, minimizing weld rejections. The gauge is available in English and Metric models. The Pit Depth Gauge accessory measures pit depth, weld height and outside "Hi-Lo" The stainless steel Pit Depth Gauge mounts on the end of the Q.C. Welder’s Gauge housing and displays in both English and Metric. The Pit Depth Gauge can be used to check weld undercut and misalignment of plate to plate or pipe to pipe.


  • PRECISE | Measures as small as 1/64” (.4 mm)
  • EASY | Simply slide the Pit Depth Gauge over the Q.C. Gauge and take the reading
  • Item #: D253M
  • Manufacturer: Mathey Dearman
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: D253M

Welder Gauge Metric *FREE FREIGHT*

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