Welding Helmet  Pipeliner **FREE Shipping**
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Pipeliner Welding Helmet by Fibre-Metal, features shade 10 filter plate with Neoprene Headgear

  • The industry standard for pipe welding
  • Specially formulated SuperGlas Plus material and rugged construction to meet the needs of the most demanding welding environments; self extinguishing, smooth helmets deflect sparks and spatter.
  • Impervious to moisture, impact resistant Pipeliners will not crack, chip or split.
  • Compact design allows access to areas where there is no room for a standard helmet
  • Comfortable, functional headgear uses a constant-fit rubber headband for frequent re-adjustments as pipe welders move about their work

  • Item #: 110PWE
  • Manufacturer: Fibre-Metal

Welding Helmet Pipeliner **FREE Shipping**

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