250 foot #2 Ultra Flex orange welding cable
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250' ULTRA FLEX ORANGE WELDING CABLE Free Shipping! Highly flexible with 30% more strands than standard welding cable. Insulated with an orange, high quality proprietary EPDM jacket and paper separator. Operating temperatures range from -50°C to 105°C (-58°F to +221°F). Rated to 600 volts. Stocked on 250 and 500 ft. reels. Coiled, boxed and shrink wrap packaging available for 25, 50, or 100 ft. lengths. Custom lengths also available upon request 

GROUND SHIPPING ONLY Excluding Alaska and Hiawaii 


  • Item #: #2 250 ORUF
  • Manufacturer: Direct Wire & Cable

250 foot #2 Ultra Flex orange welding cable

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