Magswitch Magnetic Ground Clamp - 600 amp *FREE FREIGHT*
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Magswitch® Magnetic Ground Clamp - 600 amp 8100747

The Magswitch® 600 Amp Switchable Magnetic Welding Clamp lets welders quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job, thanks to this new magnetic technology. Simply place it on a clean work surface, turn it on and start welding. It makes welding quicker and easier than ever. It's that easy.


  • Up to 600 amp weld current capacity
  • New fin design, with increased surface area, lowers operating temperature by almost 29%.
  • No more searching for or creating a ground location
  • Grounds instantly
  • Turn on Magswitch and start welding
  • Quick and easy connect and disconnect
  • Saves welders time and money
  • Easily attaches to flat or round surfaces
  • No more tacking on tabs in large sheet-weld or pipe jobs


  • Item #: 8100747
  • Manufacturer: MagSwitch

Magswitch Magnetic Ground Clamp - 600 amp *FREE FREIGHT*

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