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Lincoln SAE-300 MP Kubota Engine Welder

Top Features

  • Fuel Efficient Industrial Diesel Engines
  • Dual Continuous Control™ of Output
  • Pure DC Generator Welding Output
  • All Copper Windings
  • 300 Amps Output @ 60% Duty Cycle



Stick, TIG, MIG (CV wire welding with wire feed module), Flux-Cored (CV wire welding with wire feed module), Gouging.

Features and Benefits

Superior Choice for Pipeline Work!™



DC From the Start

The SAE-300 MP is powered by a hand-built pure DC generator from the only welding manufacturer providing this proven technology to the market. The all-copper windings and flat DC output ensure a smooth, stable arc that enhances arc control, helping operators keep defects to a minimum to avoid cutouts and costly repairs.


Dual Current Control

No two pipe joints are the same – hi-lo fit-up, out-of-round pipe and gap variations can challenge any bead hand to lay in a defect-free weld subject to 100% x-ray inspection. Getting those results requires tremendous control over the arc. The SAE-300 MP is equipped with dual continuous current control – use the coarse control to set a digging, penetrating arc for root beads or a soft, buttery arc for stacking iron on the fill and cap passes. Then you, or your helper using a remote control, can dial in the fine control to adjust heat input, or arc sensitivity, in response to fit-up and orientation of the weld puddle on the pipe.


Built For the Long Shift

Pipelines are all about mileage – and in many cases, a lot of it – so you need an engine-driven welder that will go farther without having to stop for refueling. Our 16 gallon (60.6 L) tank is almost 50% larger than the competitor’s 11 gallon (41.6 L) counterpart, which translates to longer run times, improved efficiency and greater cost savings. The new heavy-duty stainless steel case and rugged wired or wireless remotes add to the durability and utility of these welders.

Day after day, year after year and decade after decade, pure DC generator machines like the SAE-300 MP have been proven to take the abuse of field welding with the lowest maintenance costs and best resale value among diesel-driven welders.

That’s what you call a true workhorse.

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