Monarch Crawler Manual 9' Flex Drive Cable FREE SHIPPING!

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Manual Monarch Crawler 9' Flex Drive Cable Mathey Dearman 


  • ONE MAN OPERATION—one man can set-up and cut pipes as large as 48" (1219mm).
  • BAND CONFORMS to the out-of-round condition of the pipe to keep the torch at a preset distance from the pipe wall.
  • EASE OF SET-UP is realized when cutting horizontal or vertical pipes due to lightweight Band design.
  • LOW PROFILE of the Crawler only requires 6" (152mm) of radial clearance around the pipe when used with a right angle drive adapter.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION and CLOSURE with the latching mechanism of the band on the pipe.
  • POSITIVE ALIGNMENT of the bands due to its uniquely designed "male/female" configured band ends to allow ease of alignment.
  • One Band Crawler FITS ALL BAND SIZES.
  • 60% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.

Band Crawler Kit includes:

  • Base crawler machine
  • Eccentric torch carrier
  • 9' (2.7m) or 14' (4.3m) drive cable
  • Parts and operating manual

Not Included:

  • Machine cutting torch
  • Torch angle head adapto